Programme 2018

Our programme for the tenth year of Carmel in the City began with Fr Tony Lester joining us to begin our reflections on Carmel in a changing world.  During 2017-2018 we will be able to reflect on all the challenges for Carmel in a changing Church and world. 

The links and programme notes from previous programmes are still on the Meeting Notes page.


4th March 2017.  

Carmel – A place and a journey. Discussion following Fr Tony’s visit.

1st April 2017.   

Continuing our Ecumenical Lent programme and reflections on The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen.

6th May 2017.

The Future: a place and a journey

3rd June 2017.  

Formation group meets at 10.30.

1st July 2017 

A World in Flames: Purifying the Vision and Mission of Carmel

5th August 2017

A wet walk in Farringdon!

2nd September 2017 

Carmel: a place and a journey, part 2

7th October 2017 

 ‘Repraying the Rosary’ 

4th November 2017

The Word that Visits Me in the Silence of my Solitude

2nd December 2017

Continuing our reflections on The Word of God on our Carmelite Journey with: The Word that is incarnated in  daily life: the Word was made flesh

6th January 2018

Happy New Year!

3rd February 2018. 

10th Anniversay meeting- celebrating 10 years of Carmel in the city.

3rd March. Lent meeting. …this is our next meeting

Arrive 10:00am for 10:30 start..

Ecumenical Lent course at St Giles, Cripplegate. Meet at St Joseph’s by 9.55 or go directly to St Giles. St Joseph’s will be open for silent prayer for those who wish.

12:00 Mass at St Joseph’s with Fr Chris Vipers.

12:45 Bring and share lunch.

13:45 PM session-  Carmel’s Call to Service.  This discussion is mainly for those in initial formation and will be based on reading of chapter16 of Climbing the Mountain but all are welcome.

14.00 Lectio Divina. Ending at 14.30

Please note:Booking forms are now available for the pilgrimage to Avila and Salamanca 8th-12 October 2018 with St Joseph’s parishioners and other friends from local churches in EC1 and EC2. Please contact Sylvia.


Carmel in the City,uk Tel. 07889436165

Meetings are normally on 1st Saturday of the month at St Joseph’s. We will update the website with any changes but you can contact Sylvia on 07889436165 for details.