Mission Statement

We are beginning to formulate our Mission Statement. This is our first draft (February 2014).

Since our recognition as a Carmelite Spirituality Group in the British Province of Carmelites (O.Carm.) in February 2008, we have developed in breadth and depth and are now more firmly rooted in prayer, community, the Bible and the Rule of Saint Albert. We want to grow especially in the area of service ‘which is an integral part of the charism given to the Order by God’ (RTOC 46)

We are – through being ‘love in the heart of the Church’ – here for the world which God loves so much (cf. RTOC 28). We have a large number of Spirituality Group members and some have been received into the Third Order of Carmel. Like a heart supplying life to the whole body, Carmelites are also called to be on the extremities, the fringes of Church and Society. This is our prophetic calling, and aids our growth since we are formed by encountering Christ in the little ones and the marginalised. Our service is part of our calling as individuals, but also as communities. We seek to be bold and zealous like Elijah, taking risks. Through organic and natural growth, we will seek to provide better help for enquirers and a fuller understanding of the faith for ourselves.

Adapted from A Renewed Vision Statement for Lay Carmel, compiled by the delegates at the Fourth National Gathering of the Carmelite Third Order. Ushaw College, Durham. 18th November 2007.